About Whitewater Construction

Whitewater Construction’s commitment to quality service, as attested by our customers, begins with years of accumulated experience, knowledge and skill and a willingness to put our clients’ interests first.

With hundreds of successfully completed projects to its credit, as well as an industry-wide reputation for superior technical skills and proactive project management, Whitewater Construction is committed to providing superior General Contracting, Construction Management, and DESIGN-BUILD services in our target market as well as growing opportunities to serve new customers and markets.

At Whitewater Construction we specialize in serving Commercial, Industrial, Institutional, Medical/Health Care and Religious construction needs.

Whitewater Construction is an independent design/build contractor authorized by Butler Manufacturing Company to sell and erect Butler buildings based on high standards for quality, customer service and value. As a Butler builder, we can provide everything you need from initial design through completed construction.

Five Points of Quality Service

whitewater constructionEARLY KNOWLEDGE OF COSTS
Because Whitewater Construction is developing your project’s design simultaneously with the cost estimate, we can provide you with a budgeted construction cost sooner. This allows early establishment of financing and avoids the risk of committing substantial time and money for architectural and engineering services, only to learn later that the cost of the project is beyond your budget.

Whitewater Construction customers realize significant cost savings through value engineering and constructability reviews. When you work with Whitewater Construction’s design and construction team, alternative building materials, building systems and methods will be discussed with you to help you obtain the maximum value for your project budget.

Quality, cost and schedule expectations are clearly defined up front when you work with Whitewater Construction. Whitewater Construction will adhere to your well defined scope of work, eliminating costly surprises or building delays.

Whitewater Construction’s single source approach gives you one firm with total responsibility for coordination, quality, construction and scheduling which allows you to focus on your business rather than spending time coordinating multiple firms to complete your project. Your Whitewater Construction project management team will handle everything involved with your construction project… from concept to completion.

When you work with Whitewater Construction’s design and construction team, your project will be completed more quickly, thereby allowing you to begin earning a payback on the project. With Whitewater Construction, time is saved as a result of multiple processes overlapping. Whitewater Construction’s approach allows us to deliver projects significantly faster than traditional methods translating into lower project costs and earlier use of your facility.